Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to Grorich Horivert -

Grorich Horivert Private Limited – a company established in Bangalore to harmonize and complement your office and living space with Functional, Elegant and Innovative products. Grorich's strength is in it’s people, business acumen, and an everlasting bond with it’s customers.

Grorich aims to provide customers with integrated turnkey solutions.

Pioneer in continuously innovating and introducing latest trends and technologies with respect to shading and shelter concepts for the Office and Home segments.
Planning, manufacturing and production of functional and affordable Shading and Shelter products matching to customer requirements.
Adhering to delivery schedules and excellent after sale services support that has received much adulation from customers.
Well-equipped in-house manufacturing facility capable of delivering raw materials and finished products.
Maintains high quality standards in all aspects.

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